West Bengal SSC History syllabus

  • 🔹 *West Bengal SSC History syllabus (classes lX and X)* 🔹

    • 1. Feature of the Indus valley civilization
    • decline of the Indus valley civilization
    • the Vedic civilization
      Sodas’s mahajanapadas Buddhism and Jainism,
    • therise of the fall of Maurya empire: Ashoka’s Dhamma,
    • Imperial Guptas
      Palas and Senas of Bengal.

    2. The establishment of the Delhi sultanate,

    • The slave dynasty, the khilji and tughlaq rulers,
    • the administrative structure under the sultanate,
    • the vijayanagar empire.

    3. This integration of the sultanate,

    • Babar – the importance of his reason of India,
    • Mughal – Afghan contest and Sher shah Suri,
    • Consolidation of the Mughal empire under Akbar ,
    • Territorial expansion under Akbar.

    4. An overview of the reigns of jahangir and shahjahan,

    • Aurangzeb expansionist policies, conflict with Marathas,
    • Shivaji – Aurangzeb and disintegration of the Mughal empire.

    5. Battle of policy and buxer and the

  • Establishment of the company’s rule in Bengal,

  • the transfer of Diwani and and its impact in Bengal,

  • British expansion: Mysore and Maharashtra,

  • subsidiary alliance, the doctrine of lapse,annexation of the Punjab

  • 6. Only registered to the British rule Wahabi and Farazi movements,
  • Santal Rebeilion, the revolt of 1857; Western Education and social reform – Rammohan Ray, Young Bengal and Vidyasagar: early stages of Indian nationalism, pre- Congress association – foundation of the Congress – the nature of the early Congress.

    7. The rise of extremism in Indian politics,Anti partition and swadeshi movement: Gandhi and Indian nationalism – Non co-operation, Quit India movement: Muslim league and the demand for Pakistan – partition and independence.

    8. The French revolution of 1789, the Reign of Terror: Robespierre, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon internal reconstruction,Napoleon and Europe: expansion and collapse of the napoleonic empire.

    9. The Vienna Congress 1815, the system the revolution of 1830 to 1848 : the unification of Germany and Italy.

    • 10. Colonialism and the scramble for Africa, Germany Welt Politik, Triple alliance and Triple Entente, the origins of the first World War, Peace settlement of 1919.

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