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Govt. Training / / WBTET / পশ্চিমবঙ্গ টেট is a educational searching website / Android Application and you can browse our site and access resources and anonymously. We use Google analytics to track page views and session views to get traffic report. It helps us understanding user requirement and thus improving our website.
Data collection policy : We do not collect any kind of user information. But if user subscribes us then his/her email id is stored into our database and we send our latest updates to his/her mailbox as required by the user. We do not share users email id with any third party.

Data safety :


1. app collect or share any of the required user data types?

>> Yes.


2. Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?

>> No.


3. Do you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted?

>> No.


4. Sending Messages : Yes. for our new feachers to know you.

5. Personal info : Name, Email, Phone Number are required for exam, results and subscription history in our app.

6. Files and docs : Required for save some app information in user device for fast & better experience.

7. Device or other IDs : Required for identify user device for cource subscription.

Cookies : While surfing our website some information about yourself and may be saved in cookies from by your browser automatically to your system for improving your browsing experience . If you have disabled cookies in your browser settings then it will not be stored. But for better browsing experience cookies are kept in enable mode in your browser settings my default.
Double Click DART Cookie : We have Google AdSense, Google Double click in our website and Google may use cookies and web beacons to serve ads on
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